The Secondary School No7 Bistrita developed the educational program The Summer Kindergarten during July and August 2017. The activities took place at Viişoara Kindergarten and Sărata Kindergarten.

The works invite the children with the beauty that they themselves have created. These creations talk about the interests and needs of the children, about ways of expressing themselves, whether they are clumsy or naive, if they are appreciated, positively influence the self-confidence of children.

Information obtained through activities in the form of drawings of all kinds, collages, photographs or various objects has helped children to learn more. Before starting kindergarten, some children already had some basic knowledge: they knew the colors, they could represent the position of the objects in space, they knew the geometric figures, the figures. Almost all children flounder for their age. As for social skills, there were big differences between children, some of whom were very communicative and sociable, others showed a more secluded and less confident attitude.

As a result of activities in kindergartens, all children have made progress at all levels: in the field of communication skills, math knowledge, socialization skills. Throughout this period we had a very close collaboration with the families of the children in the program to get a better frequency of kindergarten.

The activities followed the training and development of skills and knowledge as planned and kindergarten summer program. So we can remember some activities loved by children: „Colorful dreams gathered in summer” (where children know themselves and their surroundings); „Everyone feels safe, everyone feels challenged”. The themes of our activities were: the alphabet, the numerical axis, the museum, the graphic representation of age, colors, birthdays, experiments, stories, books, trips, artworks and historical objectives.

We listened to what the children said, helped them develop their ideas, expand their comments instead of direct correction, giving children the opportunity to respond in large groups, a small group of teachers, and the other children.

Kindergarten is a place to trust! This is a good place!

The educational project initiated and developed with specific after-school activities in our school since the 2014-2015 school year, under the auspices of the Municipality of Bistrita, arose from the desire to give children, their parents implicitly, educational services and activities consistent with the current national curriculum by solving homework, but also a relaxing setting in which they should be able to capitalize on the potential physical, cognitive and socio-emotional.

In our approach we started with the idea that every child is unique and endowed by mother nature with traits and skills to be enhanced, and we adults - teachers and parents, we have a duty to discover them, using all methods and means available. Thus, through this project we aimed to stimulate children's creativity, discover their talents and their skills, giving them the chance to create a positive image of itself.

We have supported them solving their homework, we wanted to teach them to learn first, but we guided to manage the relationships with colleagues, with teachers, with parents of their own and colleagues by presenting positive examples.  At the same time we wanted to learn to know better themselves and to value as beings that develop harmoniously in all respects.

The activities developeded during the implementation period were diverse and complex, so they requiered both the intellect and the emotional of children, because together we have lived a wonderful time both in the classroom, but especially walking, hiking and in the camp from September 2015. In such activities we have given free rein to joy, we unleashed talent and we practiced all the skills, because we had the opportunity to find wonderful people who have given us their support and appropriate framework. There are still echoes of the camp,, Happy Faces "from Ighiu, jud. Alba and last summer we were happy to spend quality time during the Summer School and Summer Kindergarten.

We, the instructors involved in the project, we are pleased that we found talents  in our children that may be underused during a school year, for various reasons, but also because from them we learned what means a free spirit, happiness, joy to explore and discover new things, small at first sight, in a world where technology and daily life transformed us into thinking machinery, leaving the feelings on the second place.

Adam Mirela - primary school education instructor

Bistrita City in partnership with the Gimnazial School no.7 Bistrita organized the conference on "Learning with Me", financed by the Synergies Call for the Future - Children in Risk Situations, within the RO10 Program - "Children and young people in situations of Risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion »program developed under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Space (EEA), 2009-2014. Project value of 998,741 lei with 100% financing.

The event took place on 30 September 2016, starting at 10.00 at the Bistrita City Hall, Conference Hall.

During the conference, the results of the project were communicated to the project goal, which led to the strengthening of social cohesion and the reduction of social differences at local level through the implementation of social and educational programs addressed to children and parents in social risk situations (special attention paid to children Roma ethnic group) from Viişoara and Sarata communities.

The added value from implementing this project was:

• Informal and non-formal education activities improved school adaptation behavior.

• Optimum motivation for school activity (school attendance) was created, promoted students of the 8th grade gymnasium cycle, all being admitted to high school and vocational schools from Bistrita

• Preventing failure and school dropout behavior, parents participating in discussion groups with the psychologist,

• Family interest in leisure activities and education in order to improve the intra-family relationship (children-adults).

• Surveillance and support activity in conducting school themes.

• Recreational activities for socializing, spending time together with the school (workshop, excursions, hiking, visits, sights).

• Facilitate school integration in the community and mediate parent-school relationship in families too busy or disinterested in educating their children.

• By creating compensatory activities and rewarding children, the children included in primary education have set a high motivational level to participate in school activities.

• Activities to acquire independent living and personal autonomy, leisure management

Further information about this project can be obtained from the Municipal Social Services Directorate, Dornei Str., 12, tel. 0263/211940 0756222048 contact person, project manager: Dreptate Radu Ioan.


Ovidiu Teodor Cretu