Project results

Bistrita in partnership with Secondary School No. 7 in the period 16.01.2015-30.04.2016 Bistrita implements the project "Learn with me", project realized with financial support of the RO10-Corai program funded and administered by EEA Grants 2009-2014 and managed by Romanian Social Development Fund and additional activities by PLUS application through funding contract extension until October 30, 2016.

During the project, a set of best practices to prevent and reduce early school leaving was implemented and consisted in educational activities to enhance the attractiveness of school and increasing the school involvement of children and their parents by:
• Partnerships between school, family, community, collaborative partnerships based on involvement, support;
• Teams of community members which are involved in school reintegration of children;
• Extracurricular activities (trips, shows, visits to museums, theme competitions, holiday camps, etc.);
• Accountability in the classroom, open relationship and support between colleagues;
• valuing the students in need through extracurricular educational activities to increase their attachment to school;
• informing and advising parents on their children's needs; raising awareness of the benefits of a proper education;
• Implementation of alternative educational programs of "second chance" for those who have left school;
• School counseling activities;
• advising the students and their parents in order to access funds and legal benefits (scholarships, grants, supplies, money for computers) in order to obtain identity documents.

222 children from disadvantaged families in the localities Viişoara and Sarata (of which 149 Roma children) were included in the prgrams in order to maximize the opportunities for their optimal social inclusion, reducing early school leaving and better social adjustment.

Thus the complementary educational program "School after school" enrolled 144 students are divided into 8 groups including 3 groups for secondary level and 5 groups for primary level. These students carry out educational activities, recreation and socializing. The schedule was established depending on the specifics of each school (eg space available), classes (primary / secondary) the situation of students at school (the subjects experiencing the most difficulties); the classes are designed especially for back up homework and improve school performance.

Within the "Summer Kindergarten" program 48 preschoolers from Viisoara Kindergarten and Sărata Kindergarten. These activities were involving preschoolers who are to attend the preparatory class and have not had a very good frequency or who have not attended kindergarten at all. In this regard it was pursued to better integrate children into school life through non-formal type activities with parental involvement.

Through the activities of the project, it was observed the involving of students who participated in the educational program "School after school" and the active participation within the non-formal attractive and innovative education activities.

All this had as purpose to stimulate creativity and communication skills development and networking. An innovation of the project was the inclusion of 78 parents in the school activities through participation during the extracurricular recreational activities and for the moral support to their children.

Thus, parents together with teachers help change students' attitude towards learning. The activities were held for 30 hours monthly, schedule of activities being carried out according to schedule groups. The schedule of activities was determined according to the needs identified at the time. Also trainings were conducted for personal hygiene during the activities and children were distributed packets containing personal hygiene products.