The educational programs "School after school" and "Summer Kindergarten"

With the project "Learn with me" is implemented a set of complementary educational services for traditional education system: School after School and Summer Kindergarten. For these services benefit a total of 168 children from disadvantaged families in the localities Viişoara and Sarata (of which 124 Roma children) in order to maximize their opportunities for an optimal social inclusion.
Thus the complementary educational program "School after school" enrolled 144 students are divided into 8 groups including 3 groups for secondary level and 5 groups for primary level. These students carry out educational activities, recreation and socializing. The schedule is established depending on the specifics of each school (eg space available), classes (primary / secondary) the situation of students at school (the subjects experiencing the most difficulties); the classes are designed especially for back up homework and improve school performance.
The "Summer Kindergarten" is a program dedicated for a total of 24 preschool children from Viisoara Kindergarten and Sărata Kindergarten. This activity is involving preschoolers who are to attend the preparatory class and have not had a very good frequency or who have not attended kindergarten at all.
    All students and preschoolers enrolled in the target group of these education programs receive a hot meal in catering system.

Extra-curricular activities for capacity development and specific skills

This activity involves students who are participating in the educational program "School after school". Students are engaged in an attractive and innovative non-formal education in order to stimulate creativity and communication skills development and networking. An innovation of the project is the inclusion of parents in children's education by participating in extracurricular activities, recreational and moral support to their children. Students will also participate in actions to protect the environment.

Counseling and guidance services

The counseling activity will be conducted using psychological tests specific for children and parents aimed to integrate children collectively and to improve relations with peers and teachers, improve academic, vocational student's personality and fostering parental involvement in the activities of children at school (months 3-7, 10-14). At the same time the counseling will address to parents for involving them in their children’ school work.

The development of social dialogue

The development of networks social dialogue between school, parents and community, to combat the discrimination of vulnerable social groups, for a total of 30 families at risk, will be achieved through monthly meetings in which the parents will achieve education training skills. ( 2-15 months).

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